Web Design

With an ever growing knowledge base in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript I'm available to produce custom websites, with bespoke functionality and design.
I can always be contact with the email address listed below.

Software Engineering

After gaining over 7 years of programming and software architecture experience, I enjoy spending my time producing computer software to help everyone's day to day lives made more efficient and convenient through the use of bespoke apps and software.

Computer Science & Video Game Technology enthusiast

Something which has always been a deep love of mine is modern video games.
Sure, playing them can be fun, and it's easy to lose countless hours lost in a huge, immersive, fantasy world. But my real love comes from behind the scenes... to the teams that produce such products. I love the way people can bring whole new worlds to life with a combination of creativity... and computer software.

That's where I come in, I'm the guy to make such software!

All-round nice guy... Come say hi!

I can be easily contacted regarding any matter with either:

- Email: Jon.peck (AT) ntlworld.com
- Skype: Jon.peckodo
- Steam: jonpeck007